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The Submissive Next Door Podcast

Apr 21, 2023

In this episode, I sit down with a special guest and intimacy expert to millions, Susan Bratton! She is a self-proclaimed "Orgasmanaut..." that travels to the outer reaches of human orgasmic potential to bring back the map to the territory of pleasure and connection. She's here to chat about some of the most common sexual issues in relationships today and how to amplify your sex life!

Susan is co-founder and CEO of two corporations: Personal Life Media, Inc., a publisher of heart-connected lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills and The20, LLC., a manufacturer of organic and botanical supplements that enhance sexual vitality. She is also a best-selling author and publisher of 44 books and programs, including Sexual Soulmates, Relationship Magic, Revive Her Drive, Ravish Him, Steamy Sex Ed™, The Passion Patch, Hormone Balancing, and Hot To Trot. She has also been featured in the New York Times, on CNBC and the TODAY show, as well as frequent appearances on ABC, CBS, The CW, and NBC.

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Additional Resources

Site: The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

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Consent Counts Resources from the NCSF (National Council for Sexual Freedom)

About SESTA/FOSTA: Information relating to how the changes in the law have to affect TOS across social media and inadvertently create issues for those in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

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