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The Submissive Next Door Podcast

Sep 25, 2021

QA with Dr. K! I swear, I have the best fans and followers around :) Y'all send in some of the best, most passionate questions that deserve much more in-depth answers than what I can often convey in a single comment or 1-minute clip. In this episode, I'm going to discuss some questions submitted from fans that range...

Apr 15, 2021

In this video podcast episode, I talk about service submission and what it means to us, my recent appearance on the Sexie Show, and the subtle ways my Dom and I express our D/s lifestyle while managing our jobs and family lives. Don't forget to check out our behind the scene's "Day in the Life of Our Dynamic" on the...

Feb 15, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day, Kinksters! Today, I thought I'd share with you a VERY intimate chat with my Dom, Big Daddy! We get personal about lessons in D/s, and Big Daddy let's me grill him about his honest perspectives and insights of being a 24/7 pleasure Dom. Kick back and stay awhile! Big Daddy is in the house!